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What’s a web host?

A web host is a company that offers individuals and businesses the infrastructure and services they need to publish their websites on the Internet so that others can view them.

The infrastructure usually amounts to virtual space on a powerful computer known as a server. The webmaster who runs a website can upload all of the data for the site on this server. That data includes HTML files (web pages), script files that set forth specific web page behavior and style sheets and images that give the site a certain look.

The server could be a shared server that hosts multiple other sites, a VPS (virtual private server) that hosts fewer sites, a cloud server that hosts websites on a virtual partition of a server or a dedicated server that exists only for your use.

The services can vary by the web host. But the best web hosts for small business owners usually include customer support to assist webmasters with website setup and technical difficulties. They also include a suite of tools that webmasters can use to maintain and monitor their websites around the clock.